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emVella is a family-oriented company that promotes a culture of positivity and teamwork. At emVella, we believe in advancing our mission by inspiring and elevating each other. Our company is built on teamwork, collaboration, and partnership with our customers, consultants, executive leaders, and our vendors.

Our passion is our people and our mission is simple. At emVella, we want to make a difference by helping people around the world with our amazing health products and industry-leading rewards program that is second to none. We want to help people to live the life of their dreams. We are dedicated to innovation and continuous improvement in every aspect of our business. Our purpose is to demonstrate how much we appreciate and value each and every one of our consultants and customers in everything we do.

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Why Join the Movement

  • Life Changing Products
  • Explosive Growth Industries
  • CBD Booming 22 Billion by 2022
  • Health & Wellness 4.2 Trillion
  • Weight Loss 72 Billion
  • Ground Floor Company & Industry

emVella Rewards

More Pay, More Ways. Ten exciting ways to earn. Plus rewarding special promotions and one-time bonuses! emVella’s Cloud-Based reward program is built for new and seasoned professional consultants. Everybody can earn with emVella.

Retail Sales

Purchase emVella products at Consultant prices and sell them at retail price, and you keep the profit! EmVella even offers volume discounts to increase your earning potential.

87% First Order Bonus

The emVella industry-leading 87% First Order Bonus program pays up to 87% and up to ten levels, on first orders. Pro Rank and higher earn an amazing 50% commission on the first order placed by their front line members and additional commissions on their remaining 9 levels as their rank grows, for a total of 10 levels! Paid Weekly

EmVella Team Builder

emVella’s Team Builder payout is unmatched for building long-term residual income! Earn up to 62% on up to ten levels. All orders placed after the first order will count in the emVella Team Builder and you can earn 30% commission on the orders placed by your front line members and additional commissions on your other 9 levels as your rank grows, for a total of 10 levels! Paid Weekly

EmVella Team Builder Check Match

Get rewarded for helping your Team Members become successful! As your Team members build their team you will earn a bonus based on their Team Builder Check. Check matching starts at the Pro rank. Pro5 and higher Consultants earns a 10% check match bonus on their front line members and up to 43% on up to 10 levels.

Go Pro Bonus! 14-day Challenge

Earn some Power Beats Pro when you complete this 14-day Jumpstart Challenge! This reward is a fun way to recognize those Consultants that excel at promoting their business in the first 14 days. Have fun with this reward and enjoy some BEATS on us!!

Party by emVella

Groundbreaking first-ever CBD party plan. Gather your friends and family in-home or online to learn more about this revolutionary product and our extensive product line including emVella’s exclusive proprietary weight loss formulas. Hostess rewards, increased sales, and party bonuses are just a few ways this party plan will enhance your business and help you grow!

Pro Club Bonus

ProClub Bonus is all about recognition and rewards. EmVella wants you to dream, set goals and have vision for what you can have, do, and accomplish. The Pro Club Bonus starts when you achieve and maintain your rank for three consecutive months. Starting with Pro 5 and continuing through the Elite level, choose amazing experiences, products or take the cash reward!

Dream Car Bonus

Don’t just show up, enjoy the ride! With emVella’s monthly Dream Car Bonus you can use the money to buy a new car, pay for your current car or put the money towards anything of your heart desires! Bonuses start at Pro 25 and payout $400 to $1,200 each month. Our industry-leading three-tier approach makes earning and maintaining much easier. Paid Weekly

Global Bonus

emVella knows that our success is a direct reflection of your success, therefore we are going to share a portion of our profits with our hardest working consultants! Get paid a percentage of the company’s monthly 3% profit pool by earning shares based on your rank and by personally enrolling new customers and consultants. Share rewards start at PRO25. Earn an additional share each time you personally enroll four new customers or consultants. Paid Monthly

Leadership Excellence

As a top performer, Pro 200 and higher, Consultants will have the privileges of Leadership Excellence. Leadership Excellence has many benefits including invites to enjoy all expenses paid, life-changing experiences, $3,000 monthly Health Insurance/Travel Bonus along with free admission to emVella Live corporate sponsored live events.*  Leadership Excellence will grow and expand over time, constantly improving the benefits offered.


Bonuses and Special Promotions

Our Bonuses and Special Promotions will add fun and excitement to building your business with emVella!

Our Competitive Edge

Experience more with emVella:

  • People over Profits
  • Purpose & Values-Driven Culture
  • Training by Industry Leaders
  • A Company That Listens
  • President Council of Field Leaders
  • Innovative & Results Driven
  • Worlds First CBD Weight Loss System
  • Worlds First CBD Party Plan
  • Unbeatable Rewards Program
  • More Pay, More Ways!
  • 87% First Order Bonus
  • 75%+ Average PV Payout
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Purest, Organic & Non-GMO Products
  • Proprietary Extraction Process
  • Chromatography Technology
  • 99% Pure Oil with Terpenes
  • Complete Profile CBD, CBG, CBN & CBC
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Join Options

We have several budget-friendly options available to start your emVella business. You can choose the Starter Pack for $65, Prime Pack for $199 or Pro Pack for $499. The package you purchase will Lock-in your rank in the emVella Rewards Program. So, if you purchase a Pro Pack and maintain your monthly PV purchase requirement you will be paid at a Pro level regardless of Team performance.

What are you waiting for?

The CBD industry is expected to reach $22 billion by 2022. The weight loss industry is already a $72 billion industry in the US alone. Health and Wellness are an estimated $4.2 trillion industry worldwide. emVella’s superior products and unbeatable rewards program combined with our extraordinary leadership team provides the perfect platform for your success.

Now is the time, get started today and let emVella help you make your dreams a reality.

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